- “I think it’s cheating either way”
- “Point is, you win;


make me choose:

   asked Swan Queen or Jaria

I would never be able to take Hannibal seriously if the episodes were titled after traditional Polish meal courses. Something like:

S03E01: Barszcz biały

S03E02: Flaki wołowe

S03E04: Kiełbasa

S03E05: Bigos

S03E06: Placki ziemniaczane

S03E07: Szarlotka

S03E08: Zrazy cielęce

S03E09: Pierogi ruskie 

S03E10: Kapuśniak

S03E11: Rosół z kury

S03E12: Kaszanka

S03E13: Tatar

I’m laughing just thinking about it.

Jaime: Just asked Brienne if she's a Lannister so that way she knows I only think of her as a sister.
Jaime: Wait.

Help I'm Alive

Help I’m AliveMetric

If I stumble
They’re gonna eat me alive